Why Great Danes?



My name is Danielle Job. I am the mother of seven children, have four beautiful grand-children and a "House of Danes". I am located in the sunny, tropical Florida Panhandle.

I have been involved with animals my entire life. As a child, my siblings and I would rescue wounded and abandoned domestic and wild creatures (kittens, squirrels, rabbits, birds etc.) and nurture them to health where they could be returned to the wild or adopted.

As an adult, I have remained active and involved with fostering and adopting animals in need, mostly from pounds and other "kill" facilities.

Although I have always loved all breeds of dogs, pure or other wise, I do have respect for the responsible breeders who take care to produce the best in their line as possible. I must say a favorite of mine is the Great Dane which I believe to be the "Apollo" of all dogs.

I have seen Great Danes in movies and media all my life (such as "Marmaduke" & "All Dogs Go To Heaven"); but I was really introduced to this spectacular breed through my sisters and my niece who also have Great Danes.

My hope in breeding these purebreds is to develop a reputation in America that will complement the hard work and dedication which has gone into the creation of this breed in Europe and America.

Due to the size, temperament and sensitivity of the Great Dane, I believe this to be the ideal breed for our wounded veterans in need of therapy dogs. Please ask about our Veterans Program.

Danielle Job



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